At the firm…

Brian and Matt Ryan attended the Financial Planning Association’s NorCal Conference in San Francisco. The FPA NorCal Conference has been providing advanced educational sessions for 46 years and this year featured key note speakers including Rosie Rios, former Treasurer of the United States, along with Greg Valliere, a veteran Washington analyst and Chief Global Strategist for an investment company. Brian and Matt’s goal was to come back with a few valuable ideas to improve CCMI and the services for CCMI’s clients.

Brian and Kim met with Schwab representatives to better understand Schwab’s capabilities as it relates to pledged asset lines and other lending solutions.

The CCMI team met to evaluate how to improve the overall the financial planning process and how to make the process more efficient and effective for our team and clients.  Results of the meeting led to improvements in the existing process and continued evaluation of other solutions that may be implemented in the future.  We carry on the longstanding tradition of CCMI to continuously learn and always seek to improve in serving our clients.

Matt Ryan has continued to study for Level 3 of the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam. He will sit for the exam in June and will find out the results in late summer.

Matt Showley has joined a Vistage group of fellow business owners. The group will meet monthly to share ideas, best practices, and learn from one another to help improve their companies.  Matt Showley also attended an all-day investment seminar in Santa Monica where he learned about some new research that reinforces the investment philosophy at CCMI, which is that long-term returns are best achieved through a disciplined process rather than through market timing or trying to pick a small set of stocks and bonds.  It was great to see further confirmation that we have the right strategies in place.

On the home front…

Brian’s family started out the month by celebrating Emma (age 11), Kai (age 8), and Koa’s (age 5) birthdays for the year with two days at Disneyland.  The children loved going on the rides and choosing their souvenirs.  The rest of the month seemed to be spent at baseball games.  Brian helps coach both of Kai and Koa’s teams, and Kai’s team won the league Tournament of Champions which means their team will now play other teams in the district.  Finally, the Matter Family wrapped up the month by heading up to San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend where they visited the Golden Gate Bridge, saw the sites, and visited with friends.

Matt Ryan enjoyed a weekend Padre game with his college basketball coach who came to town from Illinois. The Padres were able to pull out a win over the Cardinals in the bottom of the 13th inning. Matt had a great time catching up with his coach.

Katie enjoyed a quick trip to New Orleans with one of her best friends, who is currently stationed in Bahrain, but is in the US for a short period for a training. They ate their way through the city, enjoying beignets, jambalaya, cajun shrimp, poboys, and more. Katie, family, and friends also went to Las Vegas over the holiday weekend to celebrate Katie and Ben’s 30th birthdays. They spent most of their time at the pools enjoying the summer weather together.

The Larson family celebrated Mother’s Day by having brunch with friends from out of town. Monica was able to get away for a women’s weekend retreat in the mountains close to Julian.  Cole will be spending three weeks in Ireland as part of the SDSU Study abroad program. His family is excited for him and will miss him!

Kim and Tyler have had the pacific northwest on their list of travels for a few years now.  Over an extended Memorial Day weekend, they flew into Seattle and out of Portland and did a lot of exploring in between.  Their trip included scenic spots like Multnomah Falls and some of the touristy “must-see” places like Pike’s place market in Seattle.  They had a great time!

Matt Showley and his family were so glad to have their backyard renovation completed in time for summer.  While the new yard looks exactly like the old yard, at least none of it will slide down the hill the next time it rains!  Their new retaining wall was much needed after the existing wall failed during the heavy rains of 2016.  At the end of May, Matt took his annual golf trip with several college friends, this time going just up the coast to Newport Beach.

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