At the firm…

Matt Showley helped roll out a new initiative for the San Diego Estate Planning Council as the group looks to offer sponsorships for the first time. The group now has over 100 members. Matt also continues to serve on the Board of Empower Charter School, which recently ranked #1 in the entire state for showing growth in the abilities of English learner students to become English speaking students in elementary school. Quite an accomplishment for a school in only its 4th year.

As part of his duties as Chief Compliance Officer, Brian spent time reviewing CCMI’s various insurance coverages during the month of April to make sure proper exposure is maintained. Brian also attended a lunch seminar to learn more about blockchain technologies that are used by cryptocurrencies. Also, Brian continues to serve as co-chair of the Community Services Committee in his San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary club and was happy to help plant trees in Balboa Park on Arbor Day with other club members.

Matt Ryan attended a Financial Planning Association event put on by the FPA NexGen group (a professional group of young financial advisors). During the April meeting, they discussed industry best practices of financial plan deliverables.

Kim attended this month’s Women in Business dinner event and board meeting. The group is coming up to its fiscal year-end and voting in new board members. Kim will move from the Communications chair position to a Treasurer position for the upcoming year.

Monica and Katie worked really hard on quarterly reports this month. We were testing a new format to possibly use in future quarters, and they are laying the groundwork for that with all of their efforts this month.

On the home front…

The Showley family is the final weeks of a major backyard renovation to replace a failed retaining wall. They are looking forward to having their yard back so the kids can play after school and they can relax outside once again.

Brian continues to coach both son’s, Kainoa (age 8) and Kekoa (age 5), on their two different baseball teams which occupies many weeknights and weekends. It is fun to see each of the kids grow and enjoy the game of baseball. The Matter family also enjoyed celebrating Emma’s 11th birthday with a trip to Dave & Busters to play video games, dinner out, and the celebrations will continue as she plans to enjoy time on a wave runner in Mission Bay.

Kim and Tyler’s friends hosted an event at Lions, Tigers & Bears exotic animal rescue located in Alpine. It was wonderful to see the animals enjoying their safe environment, seeing them up close and learning more about them. They also met the founder and heard her story on how she started Lions, Tigers & Bears.

Katie and Ben celebrated Ben’s thirtieth birthday with family and friends. They went to Fourpenny House, which just had its grand opening in downtown La Mesa. They enjoyed spending time with all of their loved ones with delicious food and drinks! (Coach) Katie set a new record for her lacrosse program… She had to call an ambulance to the lacrosse field twice in one week! Both players are doing much better and have fully recovered! This was the first time in all of her years of coaching that she’s had to call 911.

Matt Ryan attended a wedding that was held at Marina Village. The venue was beautiful, and the wedding went off without a hitch. Matt enjoyed the time he was able to spend with friends that he hadn’t seen for quite some time. To celebrate Easter, Matt Ryan and his family spent the morning at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. They went early to enjoy the morning activities of the animals and were one of the first groups on the tram. They ate lunch looking over the African savanna that the Safari Park is famous for.

Monica’s years of gardening finally paid off. She received her first blue ribbon in the annual Coronado Home Front Judging. The hardest part is getting the judges to find her hidden alley home. Monica also worked on small projects inside the house as well.

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