At the Firm…

The CCMI Team continues to work remotely from our homes, so it is safe to say that there is now a blend of “At the Firm” and “On the Home Front” for our daily lives. We have had the good fortune to be well prepared technologically and have been able to continue our meetings and calls in a virtual format and remain fully available for any client needs.

Our team has also embarked on the CCMI Activity Challenge where each team member is logging their daily activity “steps” with a goal of taking 10,000 steps a day each for the month of April. As the CCMI team loves a good competition, Kim developed a way to track this information and tie it to a map of walking across the U.S. to see who could make it to her home state of Maine first. Monica and Kim were consistently in the lead, with Matt S. and Brian bringing up the rear.  The challenge was a great reminder for us to get out and move even while in quarantine.

With the market fluctuations of the last few months, the CCMI team has been busy listening to more analyst calls, market reports, health experts, and economists than usual as the news changes frequently.

The CCMI team continues to make progress in updating our website. Stay tuned in the coming months for announcement of the roll-out.

On the Home Front…

Matt Showley and his family are adjusting to full online learning at home for Jacob (Kindergarten) and Lizzie (3rd Grade). Matt’s wife Alex is adjusting to being a teacher in addition to being Mom – which has been quite an adventure. Matt tries to get out of the house each day for a walk, bike ride, or exploring the neighborhood with the kids on their scooters.  The Showleys have also used this time at home to plant their garden, and spend more time in their front yard (which they never really used before) by having friends and family come over for a social-distancing visit.

Brian’s family has tried to find ways to enjoy the outdoors with the better weather that has arrived toward the end of April. With many hiking trails closed, they’ve found additional walks in their neighborhood and community where they could safely distance from others.  Emma (age 13), Kai (age 10) and Koa (age 7) especially enjoyed a walk through a nature preserve after the rain where there were puddles full of tadpoles to catch! The family is also adjusting to full online learning for an 7th, 4th and 1st grader. Brian’s wife Nikki is adjusting to being a teacher and is looking forward to the days when the kids can go back to school. Other highlights in April included an Easter egg hunt (on a rainy Easter morning) in the garage, and celebrating Emma’s 13th birthday in quarantine at home by setting up an outdoor movie theater using a projector and bed sheet.

Matt Ryan and his wife have been taking many walks around Ocean Beach and Point Loma as Matt has been participating in the CCMI Activity Challenge. Matt tries to choose a different route every time to keep things interesting. They have also been trying to find the best views on the peninsula by driving around and picking different spots to eat dinner in the car. They recently grabbed takeout from Pizza Port in OB and enjoyed their pepperoni pizza on Sunset Cliffs.

Kim and Tyler each continue to work remotely, and while their dog is very happy, she seems to wonder why they are home all the time! During the work day, Kim and Tyler are in separate rooms and rarely see each other so they’ve been walking together either during lunch time or at the end of the day to catch up on things. They’ve also been having several virtual meetings to stay in touch with friends and family. Kim has continued to ride her bike and is participating in an 8-week social distancing bike ride challenge where a portion of the proceeds benefit COVID-19 relief.

Katie and Ben have been using this time to exercise and to organize their home. They both have Apple Watches and are attempting to complete their first perfect month on the watch, which includes stand, exercise, and move goals. Katie planned a Zoom birthday party for Ben, which included family, pizza, and a few gifts. They have continued “coaching” by having weekly Zoom meetings with their lacrosse teams. The guest speakers have included collegiate athletes and coaches who have discussed multiple ways for the girls to play lacrosse after high school.

Monica’s home is busy with four people working from home and one person doing classes online. To keep up with the CCMI Activity Challenge, Monica and Mike have been trying to walk four miles a day. With the weather getting warmer, they wait till it cools off and sometimes end up walking home in the dark. Her son Cole, who is studying for a Masters in Exercise Physiology, has set up a “gym” outside for family workouts which usually include the dogs trying to get in on the action. Monica has been baking, cross stitching and tending her roses and plants in the yard.

Sheila and her husband John are both working remotely. They have found some online resources for Anastasia (age four), but luckily she is pretty good at entertaining herself, where her latest activity is making forts with blankets and cushions! On the off hours they have gone on family walks together so Anastasia can look for butterflies and the occasional friendly cat. (The parents sometimes have to go one at a time however in order to make that 10,000 step goal!) Sheila has been decluttering and giving things away on her local Buy Nothing Facebook group, and it’s great to see how neighbors are benefiting each other and the planet by keeping unwanted items out of landfills. John tried his hand at following a YouTube video to make homemade masks from shop towels – back to the drawing board for Anastasia’s mask that ended up being too big!

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