At the firm…

The CCMI team and spouses/significant others enjoyed their annual (belated) holiday dinner at Kettner Exchange. The team enjoyed great food and great company. Matt and Brian are grateful to have such a hardworking, caring, and dedicated team to serve our clients.

Brian continues to work on compliance related activities for the start of 2018.  Clients will be notified when the new ADV is available for distribution.  Also, Brian served lunch to the homeless at Father Joe’s with his Rotary club in early February.

Kim attended a seminar by several local firms and learned more about estate planning, focusing on control, health, safety, finances and estate preservation in the event of dementia.  She also learned about long-term care and the importance of becoming familiar with options available and the costs associated with them “before the crisis.”

Matt Showley attended an all-day advisor study group with a small group of colleagues from across Southern California.  The group meets three times per year and is a great forum to learn best practices, share operational challenges and solutions, and learn from other advisor’s experiences with their own firms.

Matt Ryan continues to study for the 3rd level of the CFA Exam and has started an online study course that meets once a week on Thursday afternoons. He has also been arriving early in the morning before work to put in additional study time.

In an effort to continuously improve our systems, Monica has worked hard at converting our previous client database to an upgraded version which provides more features and streamlined approaches for tracking information.  While upgrading a system is never fun, Monica’s work is already paying dividends as we can see many processes that will be improved by implementing the upgraded system.

On the home front…

Brian’s family has enjoyed watching the Olympics during February.  The kids are always begging to turn on the Olympics every night and regular chants of U.S.A. can be heard when team U.S.A. wins a medal.  The Winter Olympics have a special place in Brian and Nikki’s hearts as they both worked at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City back in 2002, and got to experience the celebration of the Olympic games.

Kim, Tyler and their friends spent a weekend in Big Bear.  Although they had originally intended on skiing, they walked around and did some hiking instead.  The rest of the weekend was spent watching the Olympics, cooking nice dinners and checking out some of the local restaurants for breakfast.

Matt Showley and his family celebrated Jacob’s 4th birthday at Legoland, where they had a little bit of rain but a lot of fun.  Matt also spent a half-day volunteering in Elizabeth’s 1st grade class as a part of Junior Achievement Day. Matt helped teach the class about different jobs that people can do in our community, the role of money when buying goods and services, and about the difference between needs and wants.  It was a great experience to see their little minds wonder about what life is like for a “grown up.”

Monica and Mike celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a long weekend in Borrego Springs. They enjoyed many of the amenities at the resort where they stayed. They also had fun finding all the Ricardo Breceda metal sculptures throughout the town.

Matt Ryan has successfully finished his third year as a volunteer assistant coach for the Saint Augustine High School basketball team. The team finished strong by winning the championship in both leagues that they participated in. The final record for the freshman team was 28-2.

Matt Ryan also went on a weekend trip to Mammoth Mountain where he enjoyed skiing on the recent snow that the mountain finally received. Matt says the best part of skiing is the hot chocolate you get at the bottom of the mountain after a couple runs.

Katie and Ben enjoyed a calm February. They spent many nights at home, enjoying time together with their dogs. Last weekend they had tryouts and are now spending their evenings coaching girl’s lacrosse at Grossmont High School.

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