At the Firm…

The CCMI remodel is nearing its completion.  Matt and Brian have spent time during February making decisions about paint colors, furniture, and all the other “fun” items that come with a remodel.  We look forward to being back in the office and using the newly created space.  We look forward to sharing our new space with you!

The CCMI team enjoyed surprising Matt Ryan and his fiancé Jess with a wedding shower.  The CCMI team met at Casa Guadalajara for a team lunch and Matt was surprised when a pile of presents was set down right next to him.  The wedding is coming up in March and we look forward to continuing to celebrate Matt and Jess at their wedding.

Brian has been working on compliance related items and updating our annual disclosures with the SEC.  We will be sending copies of the updated disclosure statement out in March.

Matt Ryan helped to prepare for the scheduled February rebalance by reviewing client portfolios. He continues to monitor CCMI’s rebalancing software on a day to day basis to ensure that our quarterly rebalancing periods go as smoothly as possible.

Matt Showley continues to be active in his Vistage group, his Advisory Study Group, as well as in his role as Vice President of the Estate Planning Council of San Diego.   All three groups had events in February, each of which was either an all-day affair or involved considerable planning for Matt.  Matt really enjoys his community involvement and peer learning activities as a part of these groups.

This month’s LEAD Impact class for Kim was at Naval Air Station North Island. She is grateful for the service our military provides and was happy to have an opportunity to hear leaders within the Navy and Coast Guard speak about how our military keeps us safe.  Additionally, Kim has been enjoying getting to know her project group members while they begin their project assisting non-profit organization Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center with their marketing plan.

On the home front…

Brian and Nikki enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s Day without the kids.  They enjoyed a quiet dinner out and even went to a movie that wasn’t animated!  The Matter family also enjoyed the 7 Bridges “urban hike” through San Diego.  The hike is a little over five miles and takes you to seven different bridges of various architecture in Balboa Park/Hillcrest area of San Diego.  The family had a lot of fun, especially when they stopped for gelato half way through the hike.

Matt Ryan and his fiancé Jessica are coming into the home stretch with their wedding planning. They had a number of meetings in February with their wedding coordinator, venue coordinator, DJ, photographer, and pastor. The best meetings were with the “Pretty Committee,” which consists of both of their mothers and a couple other family members that were put in charge of the decorations for the wedding.

Katie and her mom enjoyed a dinner at Shakespeare’s then went to a San Diego Seals lacrosse game. For Valentine’s Day Katie and Ben went to a café and painted pottery together. They enjoyed doing something different than their usual dinner at a restaurant. Grossmont’s lacrosse season started this month, so Katie and Ben have been busy getting the teams prepared for their first game.

Kim, Tyler and a group of friends headed to Park City for a long weekend of skiing.  It was part of a delayed birthday celebration for Kim and she even had a friend fly in from the east coast who she hasn’t seen since high school!  Both the skiers and non-skiers enjoyed themselves and would love to go back.

Matt Showley and his family celebrated Jacob’s 5th birthday with several family dinners and will soon be taking him to Disneyland to continue the fun!  Matt spent the week of Valentines Day with Jacob while his wife Alex and daughter Elizabeth were on a ski trip.  The two boys had a great time but were happy to see the girls arrive home safely.  Elizabeth has started a tap dancing class and Jacob has started Karate, and both are loving the new activities.

Monica and Mike celebrated 26 years of marriage this month.  Following up on a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, they attended a vegan and gluten-free cooking class together. Monica has since made several soups, black bean taquitos with cilantro crema and chocolate brownies made from dates. Monica has been attending puppy training classes with Alex and his puppy Sierra.

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