At the Firm…

The CCMI team is underway on redesigning our company website and we have been meeting regularly with a web developer to go through the new design and content ideas.  We look forward to sharing updates and unveiling the new website in the coming months.

Matt Showley attended an all-day advisor study group with fellow advisors from around Southern California to learn about new developments in the areas of compliance, technology and practice management.  Earlier in February, Matt attended a reunion for The Business Network, which was a group that he was a part of for several years before it disbanded.  It was great to catch up with old friends and colleagues that used to meet monthly to discuss trends in the local business community.

Matt and Brian met with each of the CCMI team members in February for a mid-year check in on their progress toward their goals.  Annually, the CCMI team members set goals which are tracked as part of CCMI’s commitment to building our team members and providing the best experience for our clients.

Brian has been busy preparing the compliance-related documents for the year and he has been working with our compliance attorneys to update the annual ADV.  Additionally, Brian attended a webinar to learn more about preparing a new compliance document called Form CRS which will need to be filed later this year.

Brian attended a business retreat in Tokyo, Japan for five days in February.  The purpose of the retreat was to focus on setting business and personal goals, meeting with a professional leadership coach who works with many Japanese CEOs, and learning from local businesses in Tokyo.  The highlight of the trip was receiving an insider’s tour of the Toyosu fish market, which is the world’s largest fish market.  Brian’s group received “buyers passes,” and they were granted access to the floor of the market while the auction was taking place, and it was quite an experience to watch an auction at the world’s largest fish market. The auction was followed by a sushi breakfast from one of the fish that was purchased that morning at the market.

Matt Ryan continues to help in the preparation and execution of our quarterly rebalancing period.  He does this by monitoring the portfolios daily, making sure clients’ cash needs are accurately reflected in our rebalancing systems, and preparing our software for when we evaluate each client portfolio on an individual basis.

Kim attended a Women United networking happy hour in Normal Heights for women supporting women.  In addition to mingling with new and familiar faces, they each donated clothing and handbags for HomeStart’s Boutique which is also in Normal Heights.  Proceeds from the sale of these items go toward HomeStart’s programs which help families in risky or abusive situations.

Sheila attended the San Diego Financial Planning Association’s Quarterly Educational Meeting on February 13 at the SDSU Alumni Center where she heard speakers on topics such as Global Asset Allocation Opportunities, Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies, and Planning for a (Happy) Life in Retirement.  Although she wasn’t able to score tickets for the CCMI team to attend an SDSU basketball game, she was able to get a picture with the nephew of a presenter who stopped by, Shooting Guard Caleb Giordano (number 13)!

Matt Ryan and Kim attended an economic update which was sponsored by the University of San Diego and Torrey Pines Bank. They heard keynote speaker Dr. Christopher Thornberg share his dynamic and informative expert opinion on regional economics.  The CCMI team enjoys staying informed on the latest economic developments.

On the Home Front…

Matt Showley went to Universal Studios with his son Jacob for his 6th birthday to experience the Jurassic World ride, Harry Potter attractions, and several other classic rides that are still at the theme park.  The highlight for Jacob was seeing his favorite Jurassic Park dinosaur, “Raptor Blue.”

Matt Ryan’s February was full of wedding activities. The first wedding of the month was in Boulder, Colorado for his college roommate. While in Boulder, Matt and his wife Jess were also able to enjoy the long Valentine’s weekend by going to a nice restaurant and seeing a few friends that Matt hadn’t seen since college.  The second wedding of the month happened to be in San Diego.  Matt and Jess frequently play beach volleyball with these friends and enjoyed their wedding night festivities.  The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was full of dancing.

Brian and Nikki returned from their trip to New Zealand at the beginning of February.  The trip was amazing, and they had perfect timing for all of their experiences.  The highlights included hiking the Milford Track (33 miles over 4 days), cruising the Milford Sound, canyoning (rappelling and jumping off cliffs down a canyon), riding a giant 300 meter swing over a canyon, rappelling 100 meters into a cave to see glow worms, jet boating, river rafting a 7 meter waterfall, sledging (imagine boogie boarding down a river), and kayaking the beautiful coastline.

Monica and Mike celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary this month. They’ve also had fun following SDSU’s basketball team. Monica attempted upholstery for the first time. She and a friend successfully refinished and upholstered a settee.

Sheila, John, and Anastasia are very glad that they got to celebrate one last birthday lunch at Parker’s Lighthouse in Long Beach with John’s Grandma (pictured on the left, second from the far end) who turned 97 at the beginning of the month. They were also able to be with her to say goodbye with other family and friends right before she passed away a couple of weeks later. They are looking forward to celebrating her life and legacy as a great-great-grandmother at her service on March 7.

Katie and Ben have been busy coaching and preparing for their upcoming games. The JV coach (Ben) has been spending a lot of time complaining about the lack of lacrosse-field markings and linings to the varsity coach (Katie), who has no influence over the administration’s timeline. She enjoyed telling him to stop whining and that a lack of lines won’t stop a good coach 😊. They had a great turnout at tryouts and are looking forward to watching the student-athletes improve throughout the season.

Throughout the month, Kim and Tyler had various gatherings and outings with friends and are looking forward to an upcoming ski trip in March.  Kim also got a head start on spring cleaning and has finally let go of her books from when she lived in France. She was happy to donate these to the Alliance Française cultural and educational organization and free up space in her home. She will continue to seek out French meetups to remain fluent in French.

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