At the firm…

CCMI officially started our remodel in mid-January.  It has been a busy month, but the team has adjusted well to the temporary office space on the 8th floor of our building.  It has been exciting to see the changes taking place on the 11th floor!

The CCMI Team had our annual “holiday” dinner at the end of January at Red O in UTC.  Given how busy the holidays have become, we have found it to be a nice reprieve to delay our team dinner so that we can really relax and spend time with the team and our significant others.

Matt Ryan has continued to work on the new formatting of CCMI’s quarterly investment reports that clients received in January.  Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the changes.

Matt Showley and a guest attended the Farmer’s Open and enjoyed the beautiful weather and watched some of the top names in golf for a half day.  Brian Matter attended the following day with another guest and all had a great time out at Torrey Pines.

Brian attended a compliance update event put on by Schwab to learn about the latest compliance related changes and focus of the SEC.  Compliance is an important part of our work and is an area we are always trying to improve in the ever-changing regulatory world.

Kim attended a CalCPA ABC networking night at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse.  The purpose of the event is for Attorneys, Bankers, and CPAs, hence the “ABC” night, to connect over drinks and appetizers.

Kim, who mentors a teenager through the non-profit organization, Girls Rising, attended the annual Big Sister Appreciation Night.  She enjoyed spending some time getting to know some of the other big sisters in the program.  Shortly thereafter, Kim met up with her little sister mentee to talk about goals for 2019.

On the home front….

Matt Ryan took a short weekend trip to Denver to visit his college roommate. While visiting, he was able to ski for two days at Copper mountain. Being a San Diego native, Matt generally stays on the blue and green runs, but he felt confident enough to tackle a few black diamonds while he was there.

Kim’s parents have been in town from Maine enjoying the lovely weather San Diego has to offer.  Kim and Tyler enjoyed spending time with them and taking them around San Diego and their favorite restaurants.  They seemed to enjoy breakfast burritos and ramen the most, probably because they don’t have either of those restaurant options at home.

Monica and Mike enjoyed a Saturday evening cooking class in Tijuana, Mexico with good friends. They learned how to make tamales, black bean soup and sliders de Bacalao. Son, Alex adopted a puppy at the end of the month and the entire family is having fun with Sierra who is a black lab and border collie mix.

Matt Showley and his family enjoyed a 3-day ski trip to Big Bear.  The highlight was getting 4 year old Jacob on the chair lift for the first time (following 2 days of ski school).  Despite being a little afraid at first, he loved going down his first ski run.  Later in January the Showleys spent a day in their backyard redoing their garden to bring it back to life after a major landscaping repair tore up most of the planting areas last year.

Brian’s oldest two children, Emma (age 11) and Kai (age 9) wrapped up All-Star soccer tournaments in January.  Both had great seasons.  The Matter family is looking forward to a little time away from soccer and a short period of relaxation on the weekends.  Koa (age 6) is playing basketball and both boys will start up baseball in February.

Katie and Ben spent two weekends coaching at lacrosse tournaments, one in Del Mar and the other in Palm Springs. The team did incredibly well at both tournaments; Katie and Ben have really enjoyed seeing the visible improvement of the athletes. They also attended the San Diego Seals lacrosse team’s home opener. They had a blast cheering on San Diego’s new team and they can’t wait for the next game.



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