At the Firm…

Matt Showley began his term as President of the Estate Planning Council of San Diego, which will go through June of 2020.  Matt has been a member of the group for 10 years and is excited to lead the organization this year.  Matt also serves on the Scripps Foundation Gift Planning Advisory Board which met this month to discuss how philanthropic gifts are making a great difference at Scripps.  Matt also attended the Financial Planning Association’s quarterly meeting where he was quoted in one of the presentations about the value of Donor Advised Funds as a tax planning strategy.

Brian continues to learn more about new regulations that will impact the investment industry.  He listened to a webcast explaining the details of the newly adopted SEC Regulation Best Interest and the additional compliance documentation it will require.  Brian also listened to Schwab’s mid-year outlook which included Liz Ann Sonders comments about the slowing economy, Fed rate adjustments, and trade wars.  More of the mid-year outlook will be included in our quarterly commentary for investment clients.

Matt and Brian attended Kim’s graduation from the LEAD Impact program this month.  As part of her graduation, Kim’s leadership action team presented their Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center project results where they assisted Olivewood in improving their marketing strategy.  Kim plans to stay in touch with her classmates as they continue making an impact in their communities.  Well done Kim!

Kim is a new member of Women United, an organization within the United Way with a goal to mobilize the power of women to improve lives in our community.  She enjoyed their 11th anniversary celebration this month which included a working mothers panel where they shared their stories and heartfelt moments while managing a successful career.

Kim participated in her annual Women in Business board retreat where board members discussed the goals and priorities for the year.  Kim will continue on as Treasurer for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Matt Ryan flew out to New Orleans for the Financial Planning Association’s NexGen Gathering conference. He spent 4 days learning and networking with his peers. The conference was hosted on Loyola University’s campus. He had several good takeaways from the conference that he plans to implement over the next few months.

The CCMI team enjoyed a lunch out to celebrate Matt’s birthday (in June) and Brian’s birthday (in July).  The team had a tasty lunch of dumplings!

On the Homefront…

Kim attended her Girls Rising little sister’s high school graduation.  Her little sister plans to take the summer off and start taking classes at a community college in the fall.  They also spent time together at an event with all the other big and little sisters at ARTS (A Reason to Survive) where they painted self-portraits.  Other options were learning to write a screen play or learning a choreographed routine.

Kim attended an annual gala called the Seedling Soiree at Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center with her friends from the LEAD program.  The event was held on their beautiful grounds and included recipes from local well-renowned chefs and was hosted by Melissa D’Arabian from the Food Network.  Fun times were had by all!

Matt Ryan and his wife Jessica took a weekend road trip up to Big Sur California to witness friends of theirs getting married. The wedding was in a beautiful location, practically hanging off the side of the cliff overlooking the ocean. Couldn’t have asked for better weather for the weekend either. They had a great time at the wedding and enjoyed camping out by a creek for a few days with friends.

Katie and Ben attended a birthday gathering for a friend who they consider family. There was a private chef who cooked up a delicious dinner that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.  They cherished their time together with family and friends. They also went to a wedding for one of the assistant coaches they work with and had a blast celebrating the couple.

Monica and a friend took a Snacks 101 cooking class this month. They made healthy, vegan, superfood snacks like chia seed chocolate pudding, cauliflower buffalo dip and fresh fruit spring rolls with caramel sauce. Father’s Day was celebrated by the family going out for pizza dinner. Monica rescued an old hutch from a neighbor and after cleaning and sealing it, she has a convenient storage piece for her patio.

Matt Showley took his annual golf trip with a group of college friends to play three rounds of golf in Scottsdale, AZ.  The group is looking forward to next year, which will be the 15th year of this tournament.

Brian enjoyed spending time with family over the Father’s Day weekend.  Brian’s extracurricular time continues to be filled coaching baseball for his son Kai’s All Star Baseball team.  The team has done well winning their first two games and advancing out of their “pool” into the double elimination bracket.  Brian looks forward to the end of this baseball season and more free time!

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