At the firm…

CCMI received positive feedback for hosting a Cyber Security breakfast with Jim Stickley, CEO and Founder of Stickley on Security. With his extensive background and over 20 years of experience in the industry, Jim was able to share many valuable tips and strategies for keeping personal information safe and secure in an everchanging cyber-environment. CCMI summarized the lessons learned from Mr. Stickley’s presentation in a recent blog. Click here to read the blog now.

Matt Showley attended his first Scripps Health Foundation Advisory Board meeting and learned about the incredible advances that have been made on the road to curing Parkinson’s Disease.  The group of attorneys, CPAs and financial advisors on the Advisory Board aim to increase awareness of the great work taking place at Scripps.

Matt Showley attended the annual dinner for the San Diego Downtown Partnership headlined by Mayor Kevin Faulkner’s “Kev Talk.”

Brian was able to finalize the disclosure statement which was sent out to all clients in the month of March.  Brian was also excited to continue to distribute checks to various charities as co-chair of Community Services for his Rotary club.

Matt Ryan attended an FPA seminar covering ESG investments. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance which are the three main factors ESG strategies look at when evaluating if companies are acting in sustainable and ethical manner. The first speaker was from Morningstar, an independent research provider, who spoke on about the equity side of investing in ESG funds. The second speaker was from PIMCO and he provided insight on the fixed income side of ESG investing.

Kim continues to participate in the Women In Business organization as a board member.  This month, she hosted the ladies in her home for their quarterly book club event.  They enjoyed food and drink and discussed the book “This Must Be the Place” by Maggie O’Farrell.

Kim attended the Financial Planning Association quarterly education meeting where she heard advisor consultant Angie Herbers speak about her business model versus traditional business models and ways to increase productivity.  The attendees also went through a financial planning case study.

Monica and Katie continue to work hard on internal projects and processes to make sure CCMI is as efficient as possible.

On the home front…

Matt Showley and his family enjoyed a spring break trip to Hawaii in late March.  They spent each day at the beach relaxing, playing with kids in the surf, and enjoying the quiet life of the North Shore.

Brian continues to coach baseball teams for his sons, Kainoa and Kekoa.  The difference between the two is fun to watch, as the 9 and 10 year old players are learning how to play competitively in all aspects of the game, while the 5 and 6 year old players don’t have much of an attention span.  Both boys are doing well and enjoying the season.

Matt Ryan took advantage of the recent San Diego rainy days by participating in a pick-up ultimate frisbee game. Despite being covered head-to-toe in mud by the end of the 2-hour game, Matt and his group of friends had a great time.

Matt Ryan volunteered as a basketball referee for a Sunday event put on by SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes(S4EA). S4EA is a San Diego based sports program serving athletes of all ages with developmental disabilities. Matt’s father and brother also participated as referees for the tournament.

Kim and Tyler celebrated several events with their friends this month, including birthdays and an engagement.  Kim also spent some time with her Girls Rising little sister to help support her and keep her on track with the goals she has set for herself.

Katie and Ben attended the March Madness basketball games at San Diego State. They enjoyed the NCAA Experience before tip-off which included a speech from a retired NBA player who fielded questions like “who was the toughest player to defend,” “who was your favorite coach,’ and “when will college athletes be paid?” They enjoyed watching Clemson easily beat Auburn and they also loved the spirit of the Thundering Pack of Marshall University.

Monica and family celebrated Mike’s St. Patrick’s Day birthday with an afternoon at the San Diego Zoo. Monica has become a bit obsessed with matcha green tea and has been taking friends and visitors to a favorite tea shop in North Park.

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