We believe that the account’s return is, in large part, a function of asset class mix. The following major asset classes are utilized by CCMI in client portfolios. (Please be aware that only some of these asset classes may be represented in a portfolio.)


Small Cap Stocks – Mutual funds or ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) investing in companies with a market cap less than $2 billion.

Mid Cap Stocks – Mutual funds or ETFs consisting of companies with a market capitalization range of $2 billion to $10 billion.

Large Cap Stocks – Mutual funds or ETFs investing in the largest 1,000 U.S. stocks measured by market cap or fundamental weightings.

International Stocks – Mutual funds or ETFs primarily investing in companies headquartered outside the U.S., ranging from small cap to large cap in size.

Global Stock Funds – Mutual funds or ETFs investing in stocks throughout the world, including in the U.S.

Emerging Market Stock Funds – Mutual funds or ETFs that invest internationally in developing countries with new, dynamic, and growing economies.

Global REITs – Mutual funds or ETFs that invest in REITs owning an equity position in real estate throughout the world, including the United States.

Multiple Asset and Multi-Strategy Funds – Mutual funds or ETFs that invest in multiple asset classes and domiciles of bonds as well as allocations within the funds in other asset classes.


Commodity Securities & Indices – Mutual funds or ETFs investing in a wide range of commodities including metals, softs, grains, oil and energy, etc.

Long/Short Equities – Mutual funds that purchase stock to hold and sell stocks short, with the expectations that the stock will decline in value.

Miscellaneous Strategies – Mutual funds or ETFs with the objective of long-term capital appreciation, with emphasis on defending capital during unfavorable market conditions.  These funds have the ability to invest in foreign bonds, utilities, and precious metals, among others. These funds also may take long and short positions in equity and currency investments and invest in event driven strategies, such as mergers or acquisitions.


Municipal Bonds – Mutual funds or ETFs investing in municipal bonds, or individual municipal bonds.

GNMA Bonds – Mutual funds or ETFs investing in publicly issued GNMA bonds.

Inflation Protected Bonds – Mutual funds or ETFs investing in bonds that are adjusted to eliminate the effects of inflation on interest and principal payments, as measured by inflation.

Government Securities – Government bills, notes, and bonds.

Corporate Bonds  – Mutual funds or ETFs investing in corporate bonds.

Global Bonds – Sovereign and corporate bonds issued by governments and corporations worldwide.

Multisector Bonds – Taxable bond funds that diversify their assets among several fixed income sectors, government bonds, foreign bonds, and high yield bonds.


Money Market – Money Market mutual funds.

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