The CCMI team is committed to offering fee-only financial advice and investment management services on a proactive, personalized basis in San Diego. As trusted advisors to our clients, we present appropriate financial options and strategic solutions to accommodate our clients’ particular financial concerns. While we expeditiously take care of their financial considerations, our clients can concentrate on managing a business, funding their children’s education, building their net worth, enjoying their retirement, and achieving their life dreams. Working on a collaborative basis with their other professional advisors, we strive for excellence in helping our clients meet their financial challenges, reach their fullest financial potential, and help to enhance their financial peace of mind. It is indeed a privilege to assist our clients in transforming their financial lives!

Fee-Only Wealth Management Services Chart

Fee- Only Portfolio Management

Research and Management

Researching and managing an investment portfolio demands significant time, considerable skill, as well as in-depth knowledge of current investment trends. At CCMI, our experienced financial professionals act as your human browsers to keep you as informed as possible, provide market performance, and the status of your personal and retirement investments to meet your financial needs.

  • Asset Allocation – Whether you are planning for retirement, preparing to sell your company, planning for college tuition expenses, or responding to a major life event, our CFP® practitioners customize your asset allocation to meet your specific financial needs.
  • Ongoing Position Monitoring – Once we have created and implemented a customized investment strategy based on your goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, tax status and prior investment experience, we continue to monitor and track the performance of your portfolio to ensure it is performing in accordance with your written investment policy statement.
  • Trading and Rebalancing – As we monitor and track your investments, we modify and adjust investments to try to achieve the best results. Recognizing that frequent trading can be costly and create taxable results, the CCMI investment advisors will rebalance your portfolio as needed and at year-end, if appropriate, “harvest” tax losses to offset capital gains on your tax return.
  • Easy to Understand Performance Reports – At CCMI, we believe that understanding where your money is invested and knowing how your portfolio is performing can contribute to your financial peace of mind. We provide you with timely, easy to understand reports that provide information in a succinct manner. In addition, we offer complimentary portfolio tracking you can do yourself through the CCMI website.

Investment Planning

At CCMI, there are four Certified Financial Planner™ professionals who can discuss your prior investment experience, review your current investment portfolios, determine your financial goals, and design personalized portfolios to try to contribute to a secure financial future.

  • Annual Investment Policy Review  – Once we have created, and implemented a personalized investment plan based on your unique needs and goals, our experienced team continually monitors your portfolio. Annually, we invite you to an investment review meeting to reevaluate your investment objectives and your portfolios in order to decide your risk tolerance for the next twelve months.
  • Account Selection & Consolidation – A long-term, disciplined investment strategy includes choosing the right asset allocation, consolidating various accounts when possible and simplifying your investment plans. Our experienced team attempts to select the investments appropriate for your risk tolerance and minimize the number of accounts you hold.
  • Planning for Concentrated Stock
  • Company RSU/Option Planning

Client Services

At CCMI, our experienced support staff and Certified Financial Planner™ professionals are committed to helping enhance your financial peace of mind. Our fee-only financial planning and investment management services are personalized to help you meet your individual needs and financial objectives.

  • Forms Preparation – At times, the paperwork required for investing can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to complete. At CCMI, our knowledgeable team members prepare all necessary forms and work closely with you to ensure proper completion, the successful establishment of your account(s) and smooth transfer process.
  •  Transfer of Assets – Our experienced financial planners work closely with you and your other advisors to discuss options for a transfers of assets for gifting to family members or charity, or the transfer of assets to beneficiaries.
  • Required Minimum Distributions – As part of investment management services, we assist you with your annual required minimum distribution from your IRA or other retirement plan account(s).
  • Notary Services – At CCMI, we provide complimentary notary services required for the signing and recording of important documents.

Tax Planning

  • Withdrawal Strategies in Retirement
  • Review of Cost Basis
  • Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Evaluate Roth Conversions
  • Assist with Charitable Giving – Charitable giving enables you and your family to support causes close to your hearts, ensure your legacy, and also minimize tax liability. At CCMI, we work with your CPA, attorney, and other professional advisors to manage your investments in light of any charitable planning you wish to implement.

Financial Planning

Business Owners

Running a successful business takes a significant investment of time and resources. We work with business owners to help them use their business as a springboard to their personal financial independence.

  • Liquidity Events – At CCMI, we assist business owners preparing for or contemplating a liquidity event, to obtain the best financial outcome from the event that integrates with their own personal financial plan.
  • Succession Planning – As you ponder exiting your business in 5, 10, or even 20 years, planning for the event is vital to the continued financial success of your business. We assist with helping you create a viable succession plan that fits your business, the employees and customers.
  • Family Meeting Facilitation – Financial planning involves more than calculating numbers and managing accounts. We facilitate family meetings so you can effectively communicate your vision and plans for your business to family members.
  • Business Counseling – As entrepreneurs themselves, the Certified Financial Planner™ professionals at CCMI understand the responsibility and stress of owning and operating a business. We offer experienced business counseling and outside resources that can help alleviate stress and contribute to building a more successful enterprise.
  • Business Continuation – You’ve put your heart and soul into building a successful business, so it’s important to take extra steps to protect your business. Business continuation insurance enables your business to continue in the event of your disability or death.

Cash Flow Planning

At CCMI, we help you review what your normal annual expenses, determine your annual after-tax dependable income stream and how to plan for future large expenses. Prioritizing paying off debts is part of cash flow planning as well as how best to apply a financial windfall to short and long term financial objectives.

  • Retirement Planning – The path to financial independence requires careful planning and developing clear strategies to help you to enjoy your life after work. Our individualized fee-only retirement planning assists you with the financial transition to retirement on your own terms.
  • Income Tax Planning – We provide guidance on income tax savings and tax planning strategies as part of your personal financial plan. We are happy to work with your CPA, attorney and other professional advisors to help your income tax planning provide you with maximum tax savings.
  • Educational Funding – Whether you are interested in paying off existing school loans, or planning for college tuition for your children or grandchildren, we are able to provide the appropriate input and analysis for your particular situation. Tuition costs can significantly disrupt current and future cash flow if not properly integrated into a long-term wealth management strategy.
  • Debt Management – Expenses and loans can quickly mount up from college loans, a company start-up, a first home, or starting a family. We work closely with you to determine a debt management strategy to pay off debt in a reasonable timeframe and put you on the path to greater financial health.
  • Large One-Time Purchase

Estate Planning

As experienced financial planning professionals, we assist business owners, executives, young families, and professionals nearing retirement with personalized estate planning services. We provide non-legal advice and general estate planning education so you are better prepared for your appointment with an estate planning attorney. We try to help clients to:

  • Plan Design – Once you have defined your estate planning goals, we can outline personalized estate planning options to consider.
  • Estate Tax Scenarios – A well done estate plan can result in your estate being settled efficiently and takes into consideration strategies to reduce estate tax liabilities, if appropriate.
  • Charitable Giving Strategies – There are several different charitable giving strategies available and, as part of our fee-only financial planning services, we can help you to determine the strategy that best fits your philanthropic goals.
  • Facilitate Family Meetings – Once you have finalized your estate plan, we can facilitate a family meeting to explain your plans to your family. As your professional financial planners, we can assist you with setting up and conducting your family meeting to help it to be a success.

Asset Protection

Protecting your assets, whether you’ve spent a lifetime building them, recently inherited them, or just started to build them, is an important part of attaining and preserving your financial independence. At CCMI, we work with you and your insurance professionals to discuss how to properly preserve and protect your financial assets. We don’t sell insurance of any kind; we can review the various policies you have and make general recommendations to consider in each case. We recommend working with qualified insurance experts in the various areas of risk management.

  • Life & Disability Insurance Needs – Significant life events, such as a death or disability, can dramatically impact your family’s financial future. Our advisors determine how much life insurance and disability insurance are needed to maintain your current household income level in the event of your death or long-term disability.
  • Property/Casualty Insurance Review – At CCMI, we review and provide guidance on existing property casualty insurance, also known as property liability insurance. Insurance is essential in protecting your financial assets in the event of an accident.
  • Long-Term Care – Planning for care as you age is instrumental in setting aside funds to either pay for high-quality care yourself or to buy long-term care insurance. By planning for your long-term care expenses, you alleviate the burden for your children, you can safeguard inheritances, and decide upon the available long-term care insurance options a qualified insurance expert can provide.
  • Health Insurance Review 

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