Will your money last as long as you do? Financial Planning can help to answer that question.

financial plannersFinancial independence.

Those words sound enticing, but it can be overwhelming just thinking about it. It is not because individuals lack the motivation, the resources, or the desire, but simply put, most people do not know how to get there. Our team of financial planning and wealth management advisors in San Diego specializes in providing a personalized road map, guidelines, and advice to reach your family’s specific financial goals in a focused, client-centered way.

San Diego based financial planning advisors.

Matt Showley and Brian Matter, the principals of CCMI and Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners, are dedicated to helping to enhance your financial peace of mind. Experience has taught us that financial planning is more than performing calculations. The financial planning process encompasses identifying financial challenges and objectives and then designing specific strategies to help you reach your financial goals. CCMI can help with a variety of financial concerns such as developing effective funding plans for your children’s and/or grandchildren’s educations, determining if you have the right types and amounts of insurance coverage, or providing assistance in understanding and selecting your employment benefits.

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Effective financial planning begins with listening to you to understand your goals, hopes, concerns, and fears. Listening and learning about where you need assistance is central to all of the collaborative services we offer. We can then create a written financial plan that outlines specific strategies and implementation tasks to address your unique financial needs. The end result is a well-organized financial house—alleviating stress and providing a strong foundation and guidelines for your future to help enhance your financial peace of mind.

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Financial Planning Client Benefits
Steps in the Financial Planning Process

Take Steps Towards Enhancing Your Financial Future Today. To schedule your complimentary initial appointment for financial planning or investment portfolio management and to learn how CCMI fee-only CFP® professionals can help you achieve your financial goals you are invited to call our San Diego office at (619) 298-3993.

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Please Note: The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement, and the specific requests and needs of the client.  Creative Capital Management Investments LLC (“CCMI”) does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. CCMI does not prepare legal documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products.

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