Financial Planning Guide for San Diego Clients

Thank you for your interest in Creative Capital Management’s financial planning services!  As a valued client of our firm, you can rest assured that helping to enhance your financial peace of mind is the primary and most important objective for our entire CCMI team.

Here are your benefits as a CCMI Financial Planning Client:

Helping to Enhance Your Financial and Personal Peace of Mind

  • You will receive a highly customized, detailed financial roadmap as a result of the planning process.
  • You will review your financial plan with us as soon as you are available, once the plan has been completed.
  • You will receive a concise list of actionable recommendations what will help you achieve your long-term financial goals.
  • You will be on the right path to achieving your financial goals by:

-Implementing the recommendations provided they meet with your approval as promptly as possible or voicing concerns, if you do not agree.

-Keeping us informed of any changed in your financial condition or investment objectives so we can react appropriately.

-Caring as much as we do about your financial well-being.

  • You will have confidence in knowing you have a plan to reach your financial goals.

 You Come First

  • Your comfort, privacy, and peace of mind are of utmost importance.
  • You will be listened to with respect and thoughtfulness.
  • You are invited to communicate openly with our team at all times in complete confidence.
  • You will be educated about financial planning terms and know how different components of your plan work together.
  • You will receive the truth from us through honest and well-informed answers to your questions and concerns – if we don’t know the answer(s), we will say so; we will find the information for you or refer you to a reliable source for assistance.
  •  Your relationship with CCMI is about you, not us.

A Team of Professionals at Your Service

  • You will receive a highly-personalized level of service.
  • Your questions will be answered promptly and thoughtfully.
  • You will receive services in a timely manner, and if there is a delay, you will be informed of the reason and an expected completion date.
  • You will be contacted by several members of our team at different times and meet with team members to become acquainted with them. Our team members maintain balanced lives, and therefore, each of us will periodically take vacations and time off so that we can be refreshed and re-energized to do our best. (We hope you will, too.)

Ever Present Commitment to Excellence

  •  You will receive open communications from us, and will know if we feel there is any need to clarify some aspect of our relationship or need further input, feedback, and support from you.
  •  Your honesty in your appraisal of the services provided will be valued and encouraged.

Hopefully, over the next several months and in the years to follow, your relationship with our firm will deepen and your comfort level will continually increase. We thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you and your family!

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