We are pleased to learn of your interest in our financial planning services. Below are the steps in the financial planning process that we use to address our clients’ concerns. If at any time you need further clarification of the planning process or the analysis provided, please call our office.

Initial Appointment to Discuss Financial Planning Concerns

You will meet with CCMI team members to briefly outline your financial concerns, discuss your financial objectives and learn about our firm. For this initial one-hour complimentary meeting, you will be asked to bring some financial information with you for our review.

Written Proposal Detailing Financial Planning Objectives and Fees

Following our initial meeting, you will receive a letter from CCMI stating your primary financial planning objectives. The letter will also list any additional information needed, outline the fee involved, request an initial retainer and ask you to call for your discovery meeting with us.

Discovery Meeting Appointment

To continue the financial planning process, another meeting will be scheduled to review the financial information in detail, confirm your financial objectives, and answer any questions regarding the financial planning procedure. At this time, we will also request any additional data that will be needed before we can proceed with your personal financial planning, such as investment statements or copies of insurance policies.

Confirmation of Planning Assumptions and Data

We will send you an email or letter asking you to confirm the objectives and assumptions we will be using and to review and make any necessary changes to the data you’ve provided (including your expenses and assets). Upon confirmation of the planning assumptions and receipt of the initial retainer, the work on the analysis for your plan begins.

Initial Plan Sent for Review

The initial plan will be mailed to you for your comments, and on which we encourage you to make comments or list questions the plan initiates.

Meet to Review Plan

At your convenience, you will meet with us to discuss the initial draft, any amendments to the analysis, and any questions you have will be answered. Following this plan review meeting, a final invoice will be mailed to you.

Implementation of the Recommendations

You will receive a finished analysis that integrates any necessary changes and presents a detailed implementation schedule for you to follow. We are available to help if need be.

Periodically Monitor Progress

You work through the financial planning implementation schedule to become more financially fit!  If our assistance is needed on any implementation items, this work will be done on an hourly basis.

Annual Invitation to Update Plan

You will receive an annual review invitation suggesting you might want to update your plan. The financial plan review is considerably less time-consuming as the information is brought current from the initial analysis. You will see what progress you have made since your last financial planning review!

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