Thank you for your interest in CCMI’s investment advisory services! Your trust and confidence in us is truly appreciated and we will constantly strive to do our best to merit and retain it.

As a valued client of our firm, you can rest assured that enhancing your financial peace of mind is the primary and most important objective for our entire CCMI team.

Here are the benefits you can expect while working with us:

A Team of Fiduciaries at Your Service

  • You are served by a team of professionals who, as fiduciaries, always put your interests first.
  • You have unlimited telephone access to the CCMI advisors regarding your portfolio.
  • You are invited to an annual investment portfolio review meeting.
  • Your financial peace of mind increases as you know we are “on duty” to manage your funds for your long-term benefit.
  • You have a team at CCMI who will provide discipline in helping you weather times of uncertainty and market volatility.
  • You are served by a Schwab service team dedicated to our clients’ needs and service requests.
  • You are invited to learn more about investing and investments, as our guests, at a variety of educational events. The more you learn, the more comfortable you will be with investing.

 Transparent Reporting and Frequent Communications

  • You benefit from complete transparency regarding all costs associated with your portfolio and CCMI services.
  • You receive the following types of communication:

-Notification of changes made to your portfolio as a result of annual optimization, changes in your investment policy statement, or changes in the types of asset classes we have selected for your benefit.

-Quarterly portfolio reports, indicating your portfolio’s time weighted return, accompanied by market commentary written by our team.

-Periodic updates on market conditions via email or mail.

  • You have access to up-to-date investment performance via the CCMI website as well as a secure, personal client vault for safe storage of confidential documents.

Customized Portfolios

  • Your portfolio is designed especially for you and is periodically rebalanced to reflect your individual risk tolerance, tax status, cash flow needs, and investment time horizon.
  • You have a customized, written investment policy statement developed for your investment portfolio(s) that guides how your funds will be invested; this is reviewed annually with you and the CCMI advisors.
  • You benefit from the research done by the CCMI team on various investment options.

Assisting with Taxes

  • Upon your request, interim tax summary information is provided to your tax preparer to expedite the tax planning process. At your direction, tax summaries are provided at year-end to you and your tax preparer to expedite tax return preparation.
  • For taxable portfolios, tax loss harvesting is done for your benefit during the year, when appropriate.
  • Your tax status is kept in mind, as your funds are managed. When possible taxable investments are placed in tax-deferred retirement portfolios. Funds can be set aside in taxable portfolios to pay for taxes generated by the portfolio.

 Cash Flow Management

  • Your cash flow needs are calculated with your input and your portfolio is designed to accomodate your particular cash needs for the next five years.
  •  You receive assistance in:

-Adding funds to or withdrawing funds from your portfolio(s).

-Completing transfers of assets from other custodians.

-Gifting of appreciated investments to family members or donating them to non-profit organizations.

  •  If applicable, your annual Required Minimum Distribution (“RMD”) from your IRA is computed and you receive assistance in receiving these annual distributions.

Any team member is available to help you with your needs. As our team members are cross-trained in many respects, please feel comfortable to speak with any of us.

We thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you and to your family!

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