We are delighted that you have selected CCMI for your investment advisory needs. Listed below are the steps that will be involved in establishing and managing your portfolio. If you have questions at any time about asset allocation, our approach to money management, the composition of your portfolio or any other aspect of this service, please do not hesitate to call our San Diego office.

Identify Investment Goals

You will meet with one of our team members to discuss and identify your investment goals. You will be provided with a copy of our current disclosure materials.

Determine Risk Tolerance and Time Horizon

With your input, we will determine your overall investment objectives, your investment time horizon, and your risk tolerance. This input will be reflected in your personalized Investment Policy Statement that will guide us for the next twelve months.

Written Investment Policy Statement

Once you have verified your Investment Policy Statement for the portfolio(s) you will be provided with an outline of how and when the funds will be invested.

Accounts Established

You will complete and sign prepared forms to establish account(s) in your name at the financial service firm(s) where we custody client funds. If the transfer(s) of any assets needs to occur, transfer forms will also be provided for your signatures.

Investments Allocated

Upon receipt of your signed Investment Policy Statement(s), CCMI will optimize your investment portfolio(s) and make the necessary investments that comply with your Investment Policy Statement(s). You will receive a summary of investments made for your portfolio, and the custodian of your funds will also send confirmation of each asset purchased. You will receive monthly statements from the custodian of your funds.

Quarterly Investment Reports

CCMI will send a quarterly investment report the month following the end of each calendar quarter, along with a transmittal letter conveying our thoughts on the current economy.

Annual Portfolio Review and Reoptimize Portfolio

Approximately one year from the initial investment of funds in the portfolio and each year thereafter, with your input, CCMI will revise your Investment Policy for the next twelve months via a personal appointment, the mail, email, or over the phone. CCMI will optimize your portfolio(s) to reflect your newly signed Investment Policy.

Monitor Portfolio and Provide Tax Planning Data

We will monitor your portfolio’s progress while you relax and do what you do best while your funds are working for you under our watchful eyes!





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