Who is helping you retire?

Serving the greater San Diego area for over 40 years, the Creative Capital Management Investments LLC team offers personalized financial planning services to individuals and families at all stages of their lives. The CFP® professionals have helped clients determine practical household budgets, purchase homes, plan for new families, plan their estates, and fund college educations. However, the keystone of CCMI’s practice, and perhaps the most important component of personal financial planning, is effective retirement planning. The CCMI CFP® professionals have helped countless individuals and couples retire in comfort and style with retirement planning that aligns with clients’ unique financial situations and lifelong goals.

Retirement planning steps tailored to fit with your unique financial situation

Retirement Planning San DiegoThe CCMI team has the experience, knowledge, and skill to develop finely tailored retirement strategies to meet your specific retirement goals. The retirement planning process begins with discussing how you view your retirement years and helping you to identify retirement planning financial and personal goals. The next step in retirement planning is reviewing your financial data from which to develop the specific written recommendations to help you reach financial independence.

Using a five-step process, an experienced CCMI CFP® practitioner will:

  1. Assist you to determine your precise financial and personal goals for your “encore years”
  2. Review your financial data with you to ensure its accuracy before beginning the planning
  3. Provide a detailed retirement plan for your review and discussion
  4. Assist you with implementing the agreed upon written recommendations
  5. Follow up periodically to gauge your progress and update the retirement plan as needed

CCMI provides fee-only retirement advice

The CCMI team is compensated on a fee-only basis. CCMI receives no commissions, awards, rebates, or finder’s fees from any outside source. This means that the advice you receive is client-centered and unbiased. We have nothing to sell but knowledge and expertise as well as a high level of personalized retirement planning services

You are invited to call our San Diego office at (619) 298-3993 to schedule a complimentary visit to discuss your particular retirement planning concerns and learn how we can help you plan for greater financial peace of mind.

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